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The 211/PoconoInfo Helpline helps residents find information about human services in Monroe County, PA. You can use the search options on this website to look up services. You can also dial 211 or 855-567-5341 to speak to a 211 Information & Referral call specialist or email to request information on services.

The Service Finder (located to the right) is a tool that will search the database using keywords (ex: Shelter, Food Pantry, etc.). You can also click on the links below to search for basic needs services within the county.           


Basic Needs Quick Links





Financial Assistance



211/PoconoInfo is the Comprehensive Information and Referral Program for Monroe County, PA. Whether you are the person in need, or a service provider working with a client who has a particular need, PoconoInfo's call specialists and online database can assist you in locating human resource services in your area. If you are looking for services outside of Monroe County, please dial '211' and enter your zip code to access the helpline for your area.



211/PoconoInfo is a service of Pocono Mountains United Way


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